Blue Lagoon Iceland

Enjoying a nice summer holiday already become a dream for all people in this whole world. People will prepare their budget and prepare anything that they need to go to several place that can help them to enjoy their summer holiday. There are a place that people can visit during their summer holiday. It is Blue Lagoon Iceland. There are a lot of people who spend their holiday in Blue Lagoon Iceland. In this place, people are able to enjoy their winter and summer at the same time. People can swim in the swimming pool that available in this place. People also able to enjoy the beauty of the nature that also available in this place. People are attracted to the geothermal spa that available in this place. Most people come to this place to enjoy the geothermal spa that provide in this place that can make people feel relax after they visit this place.

Blue Lagoon Iceland is become the main attraction for tourist in Iceland. People only need 20 minutes drive from airport if they want to come and see this place. The warm water of Blue Lagoon Iceland is rich in minerals such as silica and sulfur that can cure people who suffer skin diseases. The water temperature is really warm. People will feel relax when they bath inside the Blue Lagoon Iceland. People are able to come every time they want if people want to feel the warmth of Blue Lagoon Iceland. Blue Lagoon Iceland already fored since 1976 at the site of the waste water from the geothermal power plant. And in 1981, people was start to bath inside the pool. Blue Lagoon Iceland was established in 1992. From 1992, the bathing facility is open for public until now. And many people come to bath inside the pool.


Do you like to visit a different church every week to feel a different situations from the church that you always visit? If you like to do it, then you should go to Iceland and visit Hallgrímskirkja. Hallgrímskirkja is a curch that made from ice. Yes, ice. Since it is located in Iceland, then the building must be build from ice. You can feel a different situation that you can’t find in another place. In this church, you still able to pray like when you go to a normal church. But the differences is, it is just way more cold than another church. You can still able to hear the bell ring from this church, you also still able to worship Lord who already help you to go to this church. Basically, this church is still the same like another church that you ever visit, the differences is just the materials of the building. This church is known as the largest church in Iceland and also the sixth tallest architectural structure in Iceland.

The architect need a long time period to build Hallgrímskirkja. This building is finish its process after 38 years. the process began in 1945 and finished in 1986. The actual completition for this building based on the architect opinion is the landmark tower. The landmark tower is actually already complete long before the church. This church have a large pipe organ that build by the German organ builder, Johannes Klais of Bonn. This organ has four manuals and pedal, 102 ranks, 72 stops, and also 5275 pipes. The construction of this pipe is finished in December 1992, way more late than the church construction. Many musicions already use this organ to play their music and also being record at several CD that sold in Iceland and another country.

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